How To Use Pantry Labels To Organise Your Pantry

Labels and tags are a must-have to organise any kitchen or pantry space. They offer clear instructions or labelling to make life easier for you. No more guesswork or disorganisation, with pantry labels you can have the pantry space you’ve always dreamed of!

A Pinterest worthy pantry doesn’t just happen though, and it will take a little bit of time and organisation on your part to get things going. Luckily for you, we have some ways in which you can begin your pantry label journey to achieve the ultimate organisational goals for your pantry.

Figure out how you want to organise your pantry

First things first it’s time to brainstorm how you want your organised pantry to look, how you want to separate items and food types etc. You can read this blog post for some simple steps on how to organise your pantry or head to our inspiration page here

Separate foods, items & ingredients

Once you’ve found inspiration and have an idea of how to want things to be organised it’s time to separate things into boxes, jars, containers and/or baskets. Clear containers and jars are great because you can have a clear view of what’s inside. Baskets are also great space savers to store multiples of things you use a lot of such as rice packets, milk and pasta.

Choose the labels you want

The fun part is choosing the labels and it’s also the most important part as they help you to easily maintain the system you’ve put in place. You want to ensure you choose labels that are easy to read and it’s always a good idea to be consistent with your text colour. Our custom labels are clear, easy to read and look great too!

For clear containers with darker items inside such as coffee or hot chocolate white text will be easier to read, for things such as sugar and flour you might want to use dark text. Along with size, food type and usage, your label colour can also be a good way to arrange your pantry space and help to keep it looking nicely organised. 

Label your boxes, jars, containers and/or baskets

Make sure when you start to label your containers, you do so carefully and evenly to ensure they look perfect and are stuck on properly. You can have a look here at how to apply vinyl labels for perfect results. 

Labels can make life easier for your whole family not only to help organise initially but to keep your pantry organised in the long run. With clear containers and easy to read labels, there’s no excuse for things to end up anywhere besides where they should be. 

You also don’t have to just use one label to identify the food, item or ingredient. For example, if someone in your family or friends of your child is allergic to nuts, you can place a ‘contains nuts’ label for cereals and other things that may contain nuts. You can also add expiration date labels to foods with a short shelf life. 

It's organising time

Now that you have everything sorted and labelled it’s time to put it all back. With all your pantry items now labelled creating a system that works for you will be so much easier and no matter what you choose (similar items together, organise by height or how often you use them etc.) your pantry will look wonderful!

Blissful Little Home is here to help

Pantry labels are a great way to organise your kitchen/pantry space. Your labels can be used to help you remember what’s what. They're there to help sort out how your pantry will be organised and to show use-by dates and specific ingredients. 

Our favourite reason why we love our custom pantry labels, is that they look fantastic. Both practical and pretty, what more could you ask for? To get your hands on vinyl pantry labels head to our store or you can contact us today with any questions or feedback you have about our products. 

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