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Article: Keeping your Linen Cupboard Fresh & Tidy

Keeping your Linen Cupboard Fresh & Tidy

There’s no point having luxuriously soft, freshly washed linen if your storage spot for it is not up to scratch! We’re here to help you level things out with helpful tips on how to set up your linen cupboard for success…

First, sort your linen into categories; bed sheets, bath towels, blankets, pillowcases, tea towels, bath mats, and whatever else you keep amongst all that!

Next, get yourself some of our gorgeous Linen Baskets that come in three handy sizes; small, medium and large, perfect for holding all the varied, aforementioned linen items. When those household essentials are neatly tucked away in these beauties, you won’t have to worry about stacks of towels taking a tumble! They really are the missing piece to creating bliss in your linen closet and are comprised of sturdy oxford cloth, with a bamboo rim. You can choose from light or dark grey, or take a mix of both if you’re a fan of many shades of this versatile hue.

We have both Acrylic and Bamboo Swing Tags for you to pick from, both of which are the perfect complement to our Linen Baskets. You could even glue them on, for extra security.

If you have drawers in your linen cupboard, keep things in place with our Expandable Drawer Dividers, featuring a spring-loaded mechanism which means they’ll fit snug inside a multitude of drawer sizes, from 42.5cm to 56cm deep.

Once everything is sorted, it’s time to load up your linen cupboard. When you do, be sure to keep your linen in their zones; bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen; for easy grabbing when you’re in a rush. Also, consider the season you’re in, as you may want to keep blankets up high in the summer since they won’t be getting much use, then bring them on down when winter arrives!

Check out our full Linen Storage Solutions range and go freshen up your space inside-out!

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