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Article: How to Keep a Tidy Fridge, Full of Freshness

How to Keep a Tidy Fridge, Full of Freshness

Ready to fancify your fridge, but not sure where to start? Step 1 has already been achieved because you’ve landed on our site! Next up, let us walk you through how to sort your food and drink essentials, in a way that will keep everything fresher for longer, and easier to see… because let’s face it, we’ve all turned a blind eye to things sitting at the back of our shelves, which end up in the trash.

If you stick to our top tips below, there will be no more of that! You’ll be saving money from less wastage, and with everything in plain sight in our clear storage solutions, those precious seconds you used to spend searching, will be all yours to spare! Alright, let’s tuck in…

Storing your Fruit & Veg in our Fresh Keeper Fridge Storage Containers

Fruit and veg are our mightiest form of fuel, and the fresher they are, the more goodness you’ll absorb from them. So, say goodbye to soggy strawberries and wilting lettuce, and hello to nature’s gifts in their prime and ready to be devoured. All you have to do is stash your fruit and veg in our Fresh Keeper Fridge Storage Containers and let their crafty features take care of the rest.

The adjustable air vents are designed to assist in maintaining air flow or moisture. They are left open to store fruits and items that need airflow, and closed to store most vegetables and pre-cut fruit and veg.

These beauties also give you the flexibility of storing various items, with a divider that can be placed in 2 different positions, or removed to store single items, or can be used as a handy, small colander. 

The bottom tray sits suspended to allow water to run off freshly washed fruit and veg, increasing their shelf life. Then, there’s the drainage plug underneath the container that can be removed and replaced to drain any unwanted water.


Other Fridge Storage Solutions

Fresh fruit and veg… tick! What about your other fridge essentials? We’ve got the perfect places for them to perch…

Don’t spoil your sodas, kombuchas or cheeky frothies by knocking them over, creating a bursting catastrophe, in your eager rush to quench that thirst. Have those bevvies neatly stacked and ready to grab in our Clear Can Organisation Tray.

Speaking of bottles, we’ve all had that array of sauces and condiments building up at the back of our fridge shelf or weighing down the door, making it such a fuss to find your favourite in a flash. Struggle no more! Our Clear Turntable/Lazy Susan with Dividers will have you spinning your way through flavour heaven. Give it a whirl!

Looking for a complete fridge makeover? Go for our Ultimate Fridge Organisation Set or check out our full Fridge Storage range to select your own curated collection of storage gems!

Where to Place your Picks for a Blissful Fridge Organisation

To make your routine extra breezy, it’s a good idea to have your fridge sorted into sections, so you know exactly where to find what you’re after. Most fruit and veg will go in your fridge’s crisper, but if you have freshly-cut produce stored in your Fresh Keepers, be sure to place them toward the front of your shelves, to avoid any accidental frosting.

You could have a section for dairy, another for drinks, and always store meats in a sealed tub on the very bottom shelf to avoid cross-contamination.

Have fun creating the fridge of your dreams, and if you need any other pointers, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team!

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