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Fresh Keeper Fridge Storage Containers - 2 Set

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Tired of throwing out your fruit and veg? Keep your fridge contents fresher for longer with our premium 2 Piece Fresh Keeper Fridge Storage Containers. The innovative containers are packed with features to give you the flexibility of storing various produce.

The adjustable air vents are designed to assist you in maintaining air flow or moisture. They are left open to store fruits and items that need airflow, and closed to store most vegetables and pre cut fruit and veg.

The bottom tray sits suspended to allow water to run off freshly washed fruit and veg, increasing shelf life. The drainage plug underneath the container is easily removed and replaced to drain any unwanted water.

fridge fresh keeper containers
Fresh Keeper Fridge Storage Containers - 2 Set Sale price$33.71 Regular price$44.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Lorinda Carlin
Fresh as a daisy

Loving my new sorting and storage containers. The blue berries and strawberries remain fresh for longer and along with other items they are also easier to find in the fridge. I now chop items before storing making preparation time easier for week night meals.

Suzanne Darbyshire
Fridge Storage Containers

I just updated my Tupperware fridge containers to the Fresh Keeper Fridge Storage sets and they are perfect. They don't take up as much room and you can see everything that's in them, so they get opened and things get eaten. All the produce has stayed amazingly fresh which is probably the best thing. You won't be disappointed.

Valeria Penaloza
Great fridge storage solution for fresh produce

Absolutely love these. My fresh produce stays fresh for longer and look nice in my fridge.

Mireille Gales
Keeps items fresh for longer

Such a brilliant product to keep my fridge organised and fruit and veggies fresh for longer saving money all round

Kylie M
Loving my clear fridge containers

My hubby & I love having these clear containers in the fridge keeping everything fresh & visible! The fridge looks sleek, modern & beautiful 😍