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Article: Pantry Containers - Glass or Plastic?

Pantry Containers - Glass or Plastic?

Catching yourself digging through the clutter of your pantry shelves in search of your favourite snack or key ingredient? Don’t let that hassle keep you from focusing on the fun things. It’s time to get that pantry sorted! If you’re wondering whether you should go with glass containers or pick plastic, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to delve into the pros and cons of both to help make your decision easier…

The Great Things About Glass Pantry Storage

Our Glass Jars and Containers with Bamboo Lids come in all sorts of sizes, making them suited to store everything from spices to pasta. The highlight of choosing glass is that it gives off a sophisticated look and feel, creating a sense of professionalism whether you’re using them at home or for business at a café or restaurant for instance.

Then, there’s the fact that glass is a more eco-friendly choice, with ‘going plastic-free’ being an important factor in today’s climate.

Glass also has that extra weight, providing sturdiness wherever you use it.

We pair our glass pantry jars with bamboo lids that add a stunning, natural touch to your display, and help keep your food fresher for longer with an airtight design.

Don’t forget to finish the look with our 120pk Pre Selected Premium Pantry Sticker Set.

The Not-so Great Things About Glass

One reason you may want to avoid glass is if you have kiddies in your household or have regular visits from loved little ones. You just never know when they might sneak into the pantry and accidently knock over your jars or containers! Our glass is sturdy, but there is always a chance it may break, and it’s best to avoid any nasty mishaps.

Another factor to consider is that glass is a little heavier than plastic, so if you’d prefer to keep things light as possible, then plastic may be the way to go.

Why You Should Pick Plastic Pantry Containers

Our range of Airtight Push Top Pantry Containers are a wonderful choice for your pantry. Featuring a very easy to use Push Top Lid with Silicone Seal, these pantry containers will keep your food fresher, for longer and look amazing while they do with your choice of black or white lids. Plus, those lids can hang on the side of the plastic containers when opened.

The best thing about plastic is that it’s completely kid-friendly. You won’t have to worry about glass smashing when the little ones sneak into the pantry for their favourite snack!

Plastic is a little more light-weight too.

Remember to pair your picks with our 120pk Pre Selected Premium Pantry Sticker Set.

Why Plastic Pantry Storage Might Not Be Your Fit

If you would prefer a more elegant look and feel to your pantry jars and containers, glass would be the best choice, with it providing a little extra shine and sophistication.

Another reason plastic might not be for you, is if you would rather go with a more eco-friendly choice, opting for plastic-free wherever possible.

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of glass vs plastic. We of course, are a little bias, but we’re positive you will be pleased no matter what you pick from our pretty and practical storage options!

Feel free to get in touch if you still need some pointers before making your purchase.

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