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Article: How To Organise Your Spice Jars

How To Organise Your Spice Jars

Spices, Spices, Spices. There just seems to be no end to how many we need. This can make it overwhelming looking at the different brands and varieties in your Pantry and finding the spices you need.

So, what can you do to make cooking time that little bit easier for you? Why not organise your Herbs & Spices into permanent Spice Jars?

The benefits of organising your Herbs & Spices begin with giving you a better idea of what you currently have in your Pantry. This will help and avoid buying duplicates of those Herbs & Spices that get buried all the way at the back of your Spice collection (We’ve all been there!). The benefits don’t stop there. With everything organised into permanent, consistent & uniform Spice Jars, cooking time will be a breeze, as you wont miss that vital Spice for that recipe because you could not see it!

Using a high quality Spice Jar like our 100ml or 250ml Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid will ensure your ingredients will stay fresher for longer

As for my favourite reason in organising your Herbs & Spices, it has to be that it is amazingly satisfying! Seeing everything in order, labelled, and being a feature piece in your Organised Pantry can be very rewarding.

Organising your Spices is a great time to go through and check the shelf life, as well as finding duplicates. To check if your Spices are still okay, just do the look and sniff test. Pour a bit into your palm, look to see whether it’s colour or texture has changed. Spices by nature are fragranced, so if you can’t smell anything, it is time to throw it out, as it likely has lost its potency. If you are ever in doubt, just taste it.

Now, so you say you don’t have the time to put into organising them. However spending a little bit of time now, will save you much more time in the long run! You will cut time from searching and picking up each Spice Jar or Packet to see if it’s the one you are looking for each time you are prepping a meal.


Let’s get into the ‘How To’

You will need to take all your spices out, work out which is still good and which needs replacing.
At the same time, make note of how many spices you have and what they are.

Next, have a think of where you would like to have your Herb & Spice Jars stored, factoring in aesthetic looks of your Kitchen and Pantry, and well as practicality.

Keep in mind that spices will need to be stored out of direct sunlight, heat and moisture. These are detrimental to the freshness and shelf-life of your spices. To keep the flavours of your Herbs & Spices as long as possible, store them in a cool, dry place that is out of direct light, using a high quality, Airtight Glass Spice Jar. Do not store them near the window, stove, on top of the range hood or cupboards that are over the range hood. Heat will make them bland very quickly!

What Spice Jars should you use? Always opt for clear, Airtight Spice Jars as they will be easy to pick what the product is and will keep the freshness and flavours in. Here at Blissful Little Home, we have our premium quality Herb & Spice Glass Jars with Bamboo lid. The natural bamboo lid creates a warm, vibrant and sophisticated look for your kitchen. They have a silicon seal that makes them airtight and helps keep your Herbs & Spices fresher for longer! Our Bamboo Glass Jars come in 100ml and 250ml, giving you flexibility. A vital part in keeping an Organsied Pantry is labelling. At Blissful Little Home, we supply high quality Vinyl Herb & Spice Labels which beautifully compliment our Bamboo Spice Jars, to help you identify the contents of each Jar.

How to display your herbs and spices will depend on where they will live. If your kitchen is spacious and has plenty of bench space, you can organise them on one of our Spice Racks, Spice Stands or Lazy Susan Turntables. Our Spice Stand can also be converted to a Spice Draw Organiser. Great for those that like to rearrange and reorganise your space and give your home a new look every so often.

No bench space in your kitchen and only option is your Pantry? Not a problem, our Spice Racks will become the feature point of your Pantry! The different levels make it easier to see from just one look.
Do you have a corner Pantry? You can use our Single or 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable. Rotate to the spice you need and that’s it!

Cant decide what you need? Well we have made it easier for you with our Bamboo Spice Jar and Bamboo Spice Rack Starter pack, which is one of our biggest sellers. Don’t forget to add your Vinyl Labels.

Once your Spice Jars and Labels arrive, you can start transferring them over into the new Jars. You can organise them into alphabetical order, or from least / most used.

Now that you are organised, here are some other tips to help you keep your Herbs & Spices fresher for longer

- Keep your Spice Jars closed when not in use.

- Use our Used By Stickers if wishing to keep track of best before dates.

- Never hold your Herbs or Spice Jars directly over the pot / pan during cooking. The steam will get into your containers and causes moisture (which will ruin your Herbs & Spices).

Happy Organising!

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