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Article: Why You Should Spend Time Organising Your Pantry

Why You Should Spend Time Organising Your Pantry

We get it. When you hear the words “organise” and “pantry” your eyes might glaze over and your ears might have already begun switching off. But we promise you that after reading these reasons why spending some time organising your pantry is completely worth it, you’ll be running to the kitchen in no time.

Organising your pantry will save future you time, money and effort, you just need to give your pantry some precious TLC! We don’t expect anyone to organise their whole pantry in one hour or one day, so whether this takes you a week, or a month, it doesn’t matter! Our team at Blissful Little Home is here to make this process easier! 

Pantry Organisation is the new black!

If you haven’t noticed already, home organisation is really popular at the moment- and we couldn’t be more excited! How you organise your pantry can be a really fun way of expressing your style, and it can compliment the rest of your kitchen, or whole house! Having personalised storage solutions, unique pantry labels and stylish colours in your pantry has the same effect your accessories have in completing your outfit. Although they may feel like small changes, it makes a huge difference in the overall style.

More space in your kitchen

If you’re anything like our team at Blissful Little Home, no matter how hard you try, there’s just never enough space in your pantry/kitchen/home! Our favourite way of “hacking” more space without building or moving, is investing in an organised system using products like glass jars, clear storage tubs and lazy susan turntables. When everything has a storage “home”, you’re less likely to have clutter lying around, and you’ll realise just how much space you already have!

Cleaning isn’t as much of a hassle

Now that you have more free space, you have also made cleaning a whole lot easier! How? Everything is stored away neatly in containers or baskets! This is not only easier to wipe down and clean your pantry items, but it’s much easier to move everything out for a deeper clean of the whole pantry. Think about it, how much easier would it be to move one basket of cans out of the way instead of juggling five or six in your hands to the bench! If you’re a sucker for juggling, we recommend trying one of our Mesh Storage Baskets!

You’ll save money

Once you have organised your pantry, you’ll have a better understanding of what you already have in the pantry, and can avoid spending money on any unnecessary duplicates. How many times have you bought tomato paste only to find you already have 5 tubs at home! We recommend investing in clear storage containers to make it even easier to know what exactly you have and how many quantities!

It’s a step closer to minimising waste.

Now that you’re saving money by having better visibility of what’s already in your pantry and fridge, you can also start to avoid food and plastic wastes! Once you have your containers set up, you can minimise how much plastic you need to bring back into your home by shopping at local wholefood stores or buying produce direct from farmers. Making these small and conscious decisions everyday will ensure we’re looking after our planet for the long term!

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